Updates from your Secretaries General

Zoom Links for CNYMUN 2022 are now up! Delegates and advisors should look to the link on the website for the most up to date zoom committees.

Dear prospective CNYMUN Delegates,


Welcome to our 39th Annual Central New York Model United Nations Conference! In light of the present Global Covid-19 Pandemic, we will be holding our conference virtually via Zoom from late afternoon Friday, January 7th to Saturday morning and afternoon, January 8th. Although we are disappointed that we cannot be on the campus of our long-term partner, Syracuse University, a virtual platform allows us to deliver our high calibre conference to the greatest number of students we can while simultaneously fulfilling our role in ensuring the safety of all those participating. Now more than ever, we need to continue conversations across digital divides and cultivate a new generation of leaders. 


As such, we have decided that CNYMUN’s conference theme this year will be “Developing Alliances.” The ongoing pandemic and conversations regarding race and social justice have posed challenges to us all, but these issues have demonstrated time and again that we are stronger when we stand together. While diversity and differing opinions play a crucial role in making the world the rich, cultural melting pot it is today, progress halts the moment differences are weaponized to create discord. With all of the division our world has been facing, we believe that the strengthening of existing alliances and the creation of new ones should be at the forefront of conversation within delegate debate in and outside of committee.


While one would initially presume that alliances are concrete, stable connections between groups that last lifetimes, this is rarely the case. More often than not, alliances are fragile connections that are constantly in flux, requiring ample investment and maintenance. They are crafted through acts of peace, meaningful conversation, and significant political maneuvering. It is our hope that delegates seize the opportunity to make the most out of current circumstances in order to reach out across their computer screens and develop connections that will challenge their presumptions and present biases. 


Our committees this year have been selected to emphasize the importance of alliances across the board. We will continue to have traditional GA and ECOSOC committee offerings, but we are also introducing new committees such as the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), the United Nation Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UNCND), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Our Steering Committee has worked hard to ensure that all committee topics will engage delegates with controversial topics and truly test their abilities to extend olive branches and enact regional and international change. 


Thank you again for your continued support of our conference. We look forward to seeing you all in January! Please refer to our website (www.cnymun.org ) for more information and feel free to contact us (22aahn@fmschools.org and 22cpanol@fmschools.org) with any questions or concerns! 


Andrew Ahn Co-Secretary General

Cadence Panol Co-Secretary General