Updates from your Secretaries General

February 2021

It's CNYMUN week! All delegates should check the Delegate Prep page to review for committee and see our netiquette policy.

Zoom links for individual committees and opening/closing ceremonies have been added to the Delegate Prep & Info page as well as the Committees page.

An advisor meeting has been added to the schedule for Saturday, February 27 from 2:00pm-3:00pm. Links to the meeting can be found on the other zoom pages.

January 2021

All chair letters are now live!

The Wikimedia Board of Trustees committee has been removed from this years conference due to reduced numbers

December 2020

Greetings CNYMUN delegates,


When creating our committees and topics, we made the conscious decision to focus on politics within and surrounding Africa. This decision was made in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests and political activism that gained a large platform this summer and continues to this day. In academic settings, issues that affect Black people -- domestically or internationally -- are too often overlooked. This year, we made sure to include African nations in every committee, for their priorities are as relevant as any European country.


Similarly, the myth that all African countries are “underdeveloped” or “third world” is incredibly detrimental to the further development and international politics of these countries. Such an outdated idea should not be promoted in committee, position papers, or any discussion surrounding CNYMUN. Furthermore, for the sake of international progress, it is essential for western countries to take responsibility for much of the international conflict in the world, as the effects of imperialism continue to be felt in every conversation concerning international conflict.


We hope you all agree with us on this issue, and find amiable ways to implement African politics into your committee's debate.


Your CNYMUN Co-Secretaries General,

Maisie Ruddy and Callum Newton

November 2020

Hello prospective CNYMUN delegates!


Welcome to the 38th Central New York Model United Nations Conference! We are thrilled to finally move ahead with bringing our conference to students across the state and country. Thank you all for your patience and continued commitment to our conference.

As COVID-19 continues to plague the country, we have decided to conduct our conference virtually. While CNYMUN is traditionally an electronics-free conference, we will be using Zoom this year to accommodate the online-nature of Model UN in 2021, and as such, we will be augmenting our parliamentary procedure. This is a drastic change to the traditional engagement of CNYMUN, however, our staff is dedicated to keeping CNYMUN 2021 compelling and inspiring. 


This year’s conference theme is “Renewing Collective Action”. In our modern political and social climate, there is an ever-growing rift between countries, demographics, and political factions. The past year has been filled with tragedy and misfortune, and, as a result, international agreements and alliances have become fractured. It is our goal at CNYMUN 2021 to provide a healthy forum where we can re-evaluate these relationships and their importance. Renewing Collective Action is a promise to promote a more connected and harmonious world, and we are looking forward to fulfilling this promise with you.


Thank you again for your continued support of CNYMUN. We look forward to seeing your participation!


Your CNYMUN Co-Secretaries General,

Maisie Ruddy and Callum Newton