2021 CNYMUN Committees


African Union:              Effects of Chinese Expansion on African Sovereignty

                                     Establishing Trade Agreements for Inclusive Development

WHO Executive Board: Mental Health of Adolescent Refugees

                                     Maternal Mortality in Refugee Camps

UNEP Subcommittee:   Wasteful Practices in the Clothing Industry

                                     Combatting Plastic Usage and Pollution in Marine Ecosystems

SOCHUM:                     Deprogramming Members of Extremists Groups

                                     Ensuring Mental and Physical Health of Yemeni Refugees

DISEC:          Regulating the Use of Chemical Weapons

                     Addressing Drone Strikes in Civilian Areas

UN- Habitat: Building Environmentally Sustainable Cities

                     Public Health in Urban Transportation

SpecPol:       Status and Role of UN peacekeeping Efforts in Middle Eastern Regions

                     De-escalation Training for UN Peacekeepers

Security Council:           Distribution of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Vaccine

                                      Sino- Indian Border Dispute

European Commission:  Large-Scale Electrical Grid Failure due to Cyberterrorism

                                      Reliance of European Union Member States on Russian Natural Gas