2022 CNYMUN Committees

ECOSOC Plenary:  

  • The Fate of Sustainable Development Post COVID-19 Crisis

  • Promoting Action for Better Humanitarian Assistance of Internally    Displaced People

  • Gender Equality in Education and Work Settings

  • Returning Cultural Artifacts 

  • Resource Scarcity and Global Conflict 

  • Prevention and Mitigation of Wildfires

  • Global Regulation of Mass Production an Distribution of Drugs

  • Countering Systematic Discrimination and Arbitrary Drug                  Criminalization

GA Plenary:            


  • Combatting Media Suppression Under Authoritative Regimes

  • Addressing Violence Against LGBTQ+ Communities

  • Establishing Regulations for the Proper Treatment of Palestinian Refugees

  • Broadening the Voices of Non-Self Governing Territories within the UN

  • Protecting the Interests of Developing Nations Regarding the COVID -19 Vaccine  Distribution

  • Operating Through Economic Insecurities Posed by Debt from International Financial Institutions

  • Illegal Trafficking of Weapons on the Mexican Border

  • Combating Neo-Coups in Latin America

Security Council:                        
International Olympic Committee:

US War Cabinet:

  • Addressing the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria​

  • Preparation for Bangkok 2028

  • Implementing Bangkok 2028

  • National Security Council U.S Cabinet Bush