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Food Options

With CNYMUN back on the Syracuse campus, the old tradition of meals on Marshall Street is back! A short five-minute walk from the committee rooms, Marshall Street offers a wide variety of quick, easy, and cheap food options. Here’s a quick overview of what’s on Marshall Street after two years of changes:


For something quick and familiar, chain restaurants like Chipotle, and Five Guys  are open. Dunkin’, Salt City Coffee,  Kung Fu Tea, or Hi Tea will sell the energy boosts you need to power your way through the next committee session. There’s plenty of ethnic cuisine as well, including Chinese, Mediterranean, Indian, Japanese, and Mexican. And of course, there are the Marshall Street classics of Varsity Pizza and Insomnia Cookies. 


Meal times are great for meeting up with your friends from other committees over a slice of pizza or getting to know your new friends from other schools while digging into some cookies. We strongly encourage delegates to use this as a time away from committee and to form new friendships. 


For a full list of food options, please visit Keep in mind that delegates must return back to committee on time so they are discouraged from choosing to eat at restaurants with long wait times. Delegates should bring enough money for all of their meals with an average of $10-20 per meal. 

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