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GA Committees

UN Population Fund (UNFPA)

The UNFPA is the sexual and reproductive health agency that prioritizes the reproductive health of women across the world. The agency aims to provide all women with access to proper birth supplies, contraceptives, and skilled attendants as well as work to improve social conditions for women such as gender-based violence and child marriage. 


Delegates will work closely with one another to address the challenges facing women around the world and work to realize reproductive and maternity rights and protection for women facing inequity.

UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF is a welfare agency in the UN that is dedicated to bettering the lives of children in the most disadvantaged of places and protecting children's rights everywhere. It covers a broad swath of priorities including providing vaccines, supporting children’s health and nutrition, building quality education, protecting children from violence and exploitation, and more.


Delegates will work together to address the needs of children across the globe to provide all with equitable access to proper needs and work to guarantee the safety and freedom of every child.

Economic and Financial Council (ECOFIN)

ECOFIN is one of the 6 main committees of the UN GA and focuses on global finance and economic matters. The committee addresses the economic role in development across the world and the impact of the global financial economy on inequity.


Delegates will be challenged to consider the ways economic forces can be used to promote greater equity between developed and developing nations, emphasizing cooperation between nations.

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