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GA Committees

GA Plenary

GA Plenary takes upon the most pressing issues in the current world, considering those that must be taken apart in a comprehensive and debatable manner. GA Plenary holds the largest range of deliberative bodies to find the most worldly and apprehensive solution to the wide variety of topics discussed.

UN Women

UN Women is a UN organization that is dedicated to gender equality and upholding women's human rights. UN Women take upon a wide variety of issues, all regarding the importance of sustaining women's rights.

UN Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

UNOOSA is an office for the UN Secretariat that is based on the international cooperation of the peaceful use and exploration of outer space. UNOOSA works to facilitate the utilisation of space science and technology through the building of legal frameworks between international bodies.

UN Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)

UNDRR is the lead UN agency that focuses on creating and implementing international disaster risk reduction strategy in times of peril. UNDRR creates public-focused approaches to solving issues risen from natural disasters. UNDRR convenes to provide a holistic solution with international support to those in need and those who are potentially in need.

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